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Blessed Tails.

Plan a day or two away, knowing your fury friend is safe



Pet Sitting -looking after a pet or pets while their owner is away.

Pet Boarding- Your pet will be in the home of the sitter and treated like family with thier home conforts for the duration of thier stay.

Sitter- A person who looks after your pets while the parents or owners are away.

Doggy Day Care- Refers to short term day time care for dogs.


A fun day of walking with your furry friend for one hour -£10.00 

additional dog £5.00

Doggie Day Care (per day in your home)

Doggie sitting - 1 dog (up to 4 hours) £26.00

Doggie sitting- 1 dog (up to 8 hours) £52.00

Doggie sitting- 1 dog (up to 12 hours) £78.00

Additional dog £10.00

Additional hours (per hour) £10.00

Puppy under 12 weeks old (additional fee) £10.00

Additional hours after 8pm (additional fee per hour) £4.00

Dog Visiting - 1 hour £10.00

Dog Visiting - 2 hour £13.00 

Cat Feeding (per day, 30 minute visit)

Cat sitting/visit up to 3 cats -  (one visit) £10.00 per visit

additiional cat £3.00

small animals Feeding (per day, 30 minutes visits)

Cat Feeding - up to 3 small animals £5.00

additional animals £2.00

Small Mammals

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Feeding, 20 minute visit (per day),

includes cage cleaning

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Feeding - up to 3 pets (one visit) £17.50

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Feeding - up to 3 pets (two visits) £27.00

Additional small mammal (per day) £5.00

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Boarding (caged pets)

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Boarding - up to 3 pets (per day) £17.50

Additional small mammal (per day) £5.00

Rodents, Fish & Birds

Rodent, Avian or Fish Services (per day)

Parrot Boarding or Feeding (once a day) £15.00

Parrot Feeding (twice a day) £24.00

Rodent or Small Bird Boarding or Feeding £13.50

Gold Fish Feeding £12.00

Reptile Feeding or Boarding £17.50

For pets on medication or special needsPets with special needs (Per Day) £10

For pets on more than one medication or special needs pets requiring extra care please add £6 per day

Trip to vet (whilst with sitter)£15.00 (paid directly to sitter)

Trip to vet (pet taxi) £35.00 (vets within 10 mile radius of your house)

$ 00.00